European Bed Mattress Sizes Guide

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Are you looking to find out what the standard European mattress sizes are before you buy a bed. Or understand the measurements of the European mattress names before you buy bedding? Continental sized mattresses and beds are sold by a small set of retailers in the UK. If you buy a continental sized mattress you may find it harder to find a bed that fits and vice versa. If you are looking for a cheap continental sized mattress or a cheap European sized mattress I would recommend using an online stockists to take advantage of the cheaper prices they offer. They can do this because they don’t have the same overheads as the big high street retailers but still offer the same quality mattresses. There is no standard european bed sizes convention with each bed size dependent on the bed frame. If however the base is just a box base the bed size will be the same as the mattress size.

If you want to buy mattress toppers or mattress covers your choice will also be limited in the UK. IKEA are the biggest retailer of European size mattresses in the UK. To check the sizes and make sure you dont get the wrong size for your bed go to our IKEA mattress sizes page.

If you are looking to buy standard UK sized mattress or bed then check this list of online bed mattress shops. Below is a chart of all Continental mattress and European mattress sizes in inches/feet and metric centimeters. Use this to compare European mattress dimensions and sizes.

European bed mattress sizes chart

The following chart has all the European mattress sizes in metric and imperial so if you are looking to do a conversion you can see how they relate.

Bed Mattress Type

Bed Mattress Size (Cm)

Nearest equivalent in imperial (feet/inches)

Single Width 90cm x Length 190cm Width 2’9.5” x Length 6’2.3”
Single Long Width 90cm x Length 200cm Width 2’9.5” Length 6’5.6”
Single Extra Long Width 90cm x Length 220cm Width 2’9.5” Length 7’2.2”
Euro Double Width 140cm x Length 200 cm Width 4’5.9” Length 6’5.6”
Euro Double Long Width 140cm x Length 220cm Width 4’5.9” Length 7’2.2”
Euro King Width 160cm x Length 200 cm Width 5’2.5” Length 6’5.6”
Euro King Long Width 160cm x Length 220 cm Width 5’2.5” Length 7’2.2”
Euro Super King Width 200cm x Length 200 cm Width 6’5.6” Length 6’5.6”
Euro Super King Long Width 200cm x Length 220 cm Width 6’5.6” Length 7’2.2”

Continental & European bed sizes Vs mattress sizes

The above chart shows the standard continental dimensions for mattresses throughout Europe and the E.U. You can use this as a measurement guide if you intend to buy a European mattress. Some stockists in the UK will also sell these sizes most notably IKEA. IKEA will often advise you buy a continental bed that fits their continental ikea mattresses sizes from them or vice versa but often the gap is so marginal that it doesn’t matter. That said it is wise to check all the measurements before you go ahead and purchase. If you want to know what 200cm in feet (6 feet and 5.6168 inches) and inches (78.7401575) is you are probably looking to find out what the imperial sizes are for mattresses.